About the authors

Rick Bergh has been telling children’s stories all his life – first to his own four children and now to his grandchildren. They are the inspiration behind many of his heart-warming and humorous tales. Rick lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with his wife, Erica. He is the author of numerous children’s books including Mr. Lumberjack, The Stretchy Cheese Pizza and I Want to Grow a Beard.

Erica Phare-Bergh is an accomplished choral conductor, workshop leader, music educator and pianist. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with her grandchildren, directing choirs, baking muffins and writing songs to go with Rick’s books. Her original songs include excerpts from classical composers in order to familiarize children with that genre of music.

Franceska “Checka” Dnestrianschii studied at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Her bold and colorful cartoon characters are humorous and creative. If you look carefully at her artwork, you will discover smaller stories within the larger story – nuggets that will put a smile on your face. Often her illustrations are drawn from her own childhood memories in Canada.